Monday, April 13, 2009

Cabin Fever

I literally haven't left my flat in three days. For the most part I haven't done anything productive, either. Not in terms of schoolwork, in any case.

I've been watching a lot of Doctor Who online. It's my newest obession. I suppose I can blame my flatmate James and my friend Alan for that. They've both been encouraging me to watch it for a while. Not every episode is great, but a lot of them are really inventive. And David Tennant is fantastic. Really. He's amazing. I'm a big fan. I can't imagine anyone else as Doctor Who, so it will be hard for me when the new Doctor Who takes over, even though I've only been watching for a few weeks.

I did a tiny bit of work on Saturday, but not as much as I should have been doing. Chad got back from Bremen late that night and came over to chat.
On Easter Sunday Chad came over for brunch. I made omelettes, toast, and veggie sausages. Chad had gone to Tesco and bought a big bar of Dairy Milk and grapes! Grapes are usually very expensive so I NEVER buy them, but these were on sale, so we had two things of grapes. We ate both of them. We spent the rest of the day in my kitchen talking. He left around 6pm. Then I talked to my parents on Skype and made myself dinner around 11. I watched TV and went to bed. Eventful day.

Again, I didn't leave my flat or do much today. I really should have been doing reserach for my Medieval paper or my end of the year project on Polish immigration. However, instead of this, Chad and I planned and booked our trip to Romania.
I can't believe I'm actually going. This morning I was doubting if I was actually going to be able to manage it, but now I'm all booked for seven days in Romania.
April 22: I leave from London Luton at 8am and get into Bucharest at 1pm. Chad's flying in from Berlin and will meet me there.
April 23: Hopefully we'll take a day tour of Lake Snagov, the monastery where Dracula is burried.
April 24: Take the train to Brasov.
April 25: Spend the day in Brasov. Maybe see Bran Castle, called "Castle Dracula" even though Vlad Tepes never lived there. It's what's used in most films, though, and it was the model for Bram Stoker's vision of Dracula's castle.
April 26: Take the train to Sighisoara, Dracula's birthplace and a fantastic example of a medieval town.
April 27: Take the train to Cluj-Napoca, capital of Transylvania.
April 28: Spend the day in Cluj, but pull an all-nighter and spend the night at the airport.
April 29: Leave Cluj at 6:20am, arriving at London Luton at 7:25 GMT. Then I suppose we'll take a train back to Norwich and collapse.

I also booked all the hostels. All except the one in Cluj offers breakfast. They all look good, though, and are pretty cheap. Should be amazing. I'm excited.

I'm also planning on staying with Samantha and Abi in Brighton for a few days and just going from Brighton to Luton airport. I have yet to figure that out.

Tomorrow I will leave the flat. I promise. I need to go to the Travel Shop to buy tickets to and from Luton, and then my Eurail Pass so I can get the train in Romania. Then I want to go into town to the public library to get some books for my Polish project.

I really need to get my work done, but I'm more excited about Romania now than my silly papers. It will all come together, somehow.

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